Shutter love {Behind the scenes}

It is so wonderful working with all families, but it’s a special kind of love being hired by another photographer. I’ve had the honor dozens of times over the years and, in many ways, it invigorates me. It reminds me why I pour so much into it. I want everyone to have photos that are worthy of what I would give to a peer in the same industry. I want everyone to get my absolute best.

This image was taken by fabulous photographer and friend Heidi Lewis while I was working with her three beautiful daughters. Trust me, as a photographer with children, sometimes it’s better to have someone else behind the lens. Kids behave differently with their parents. They just do.

Plus, as Heidi pointed out the day of their session, “It’s good to experience what it’s like being on the other side of the camera once in awhile.”

She’s absolutely right. It’s important to know what our clients go through — selecting outfits, getting ready, feeling excited and nervous.

But the end result? Seeing your beautiful photos and getting a glimpse of what others see?


I’m going to cherish this portrait forever.


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