Top 10 Images of 2015

I think most creative types tend to be their own worst critics — especially those of us who always see room for improvement. But every January I strive to review my body of work from the previous year and take stock of the beautiful moments I captured for people. Making these incredible connections is what it’s all about for me.

It was nearly impossible to narrow down thousands of images to my favorite Top 10. I went back and fourth, oh, too many times to admit. I guarantee if given the same task and access to my annual archives, not a single person would come up with an identical list. So these are solely personal preference … for today. Yesterday I might’ve settled on something entirely different.

As a portrait photographer, obviously I adore creating stunning posed imagery. Those comprise probably 90 percent of my shutter clicks in any given year. But there’s something really special about a fly-on-the-wall moment. Emotion. Evoking a feeling that anyone can connect with — not just loved ones of the people in the photograph. So perhaps it’s no surprise I gravitate toward them, too.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are 10 images from 2015 I’m proud to call my own.


Image 1: Josh Willson & Melissa Greenberg
Reacting after seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day


Image 2: Olivia Bosar
Taking a break after dancing en pointe in an alley during her senior session


Image 3: Mike Rudy & Kacie McClintic
The exuberantly happy couple who swore it would be impossible
to get a quality serious portrait during their engagement session


Image 4: Finley Geyer
Laughing at her mom during her 1-year milestone session


Image 5: Tim, Heather & Jack
Stealing a kiss before sunset on the lake


Image 6: Joe Tyler & Emily Lape
Anticipating the arrival of their little girl


Image 7: Erin & Greyson Bard
Quiet moment between mother and son during a family portrait session


Image 8: Ashton Henry
Relaxed lifestyle shot at a century-old barn during a senior portrait session


Image 9: Alexis Passerelli
Sitting on the counter for a styled pinup-inspired shoot at Baby’s diner


Image 10: The Mandel family
Celebrating the first sweet moments at home as a new party of four



And just because … here are my Top 5 personal photos of 2015.

Image 1: Breakfast of champions
Evan, the day after his fourth birthday, feeding his superheroes pancakes. Or giving them hats.


Image 2: Recital rehearsal
Allie tapping with her class the night before her spring recital.


Image 3: Summer in February
I love this image of my kids in Florida so much that I have a giant canvas of it in my entryway.

3Image 4: Fresh air and fireworks
We are a host family with the Fresh Air Fund. Chrissy came to visit over the Fourth of July.

4Image 5: Friends
When I asked the neighborhood girls if they’d like to do a mini photo shoot that day, there were many squeals.


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